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Our team specializes in portfolio management for individuals, families, businesses, trusts, and retirement plan design and implementation.

In discretionary accounts, we help to determine each client’s investment goals, develop an appropriate investment strategy, and implement the strategy on the client’s behalf.  Periodic reviews ensure the goals of our clients continue to be met.

A partial list of accounts and investment products we offer:

  • We employ an evidence based approach to investing leveraging the academic science.

    We want the client to succeed and we focus on client’s goals/objectives with individual investments that fit the clients risk profile and time horizon.

    We aim to keep as much money investable for the client and have low advisory fees, are fee-only, and are 100% transparent.

    We service account with discretionary control thereby allowing us the flexibility to maintain the client’s goals.

    A partial list of accounts and investment products we offer:

    • Retirement Account: IRA, Rollover IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, 401k,403(b)
    • Individual Accounts: Joint, Single, Trusts, Corporate, UTMA/Custodial
  • We believe that capital markets work and reward investors overtime and that wealth accumulation doesn’t happen overnight.

    We help clients to realize and define their goals, then we analyze the current financial assets and develop am actionable, goal-oriented plan to help achieved what the client desires.


    • Retirement planning starts TODAY, not tomorrow
    • Sounds Retirement Planning is that…a plan that start long before retirement is used in your workplace vocabulary
    • We also help those who are already retired maintain a plan to keep the lifestyle they desire


    • We help client achieve the levels of educational funding that is possible and desired by balancing their needs with their other financial goals.
  • Retirement planning starts TODAY, not tomorrow.

    We offer turnkey solutions for small business who wish to 1.) Optimize their retirement solutions to reduce fees, provide great products and benefits to their employees, and 2.) reduce the administrative headaches that accompany typically retirement plan solutions. 3.) have a partner who is looking out for their fiduciary needs and understand the important role the fiduciary plays.

    We provide employee education and help guide them to assets that are right for them. We work one on one so the employee feels taken care of and confident in their decisions, knowing their retirement assets are working for them and their future goals.